Botox® injections can be used on the forehead area and around the eyes to paralyze the muscle, which will diminish existing lines while in effect. Botox® is the brand name of botulism toxin A. This is a chemical that temporarily paralyzes muscle. The doses used in both cosmetic and medical treatments are less than several thousandths necessary to be dangerous. Botox® is a wonderful treatment for medium depth wrinkles caused by muscle contraction (for example, crow’s feet and frown lines), and if started early and continued regularly can prevent permanent wrinkles from forming in these areas. The only real risk is misplacement of Botox® into improper muscles groups; therefore, it is important find a qualified, experienced physician. When placed properly, Botox® offers an outstanding, natural-looking treatment that lasts for approximately three months.

Some patients require both the injectable material and Botox® to reach their ideal result. Also, chemical peels, in conjunction with a professional skin care system, can be effective in minimizing fine lines by slightly tightening the skin.


Treatment with Botox® is a simple, non-surgical procedure that smoothes the deep persistent frown lines between your brows that develop over time.  One ten-minute treatment -  a few tiny injections - relaxes the muscle that causes these frown lines and keeps it relaxed for up to four months.  Botox® is also used to relax the muscle of the forehead and eye area, which are also known as crows feet.


Dr. McDevitt performs both medically necessary procedures for the improvement of sight and vision, as well as cosmetic procedures that the patient may elect to have.

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